Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Knowi Product Update - Q2 2018

Join us on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, at 10:30AM Pacific for a live demo of the new features and enhancements we've added to the Knowi platform. If you can't make the time, register anyway and we will send you the recording of the session.  In the meantime, please keep reading to see a summary of the product updates for this past quarter.

Anomaly Detection

Time-series anomaly detection is used to identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behavior otherwise know as outliers. There are a number of business applications for this type of machine learning. For example, IoT use cases where an unusual traffic pattern that might indicate an issue with a traffic light and business applications like detecting strange network behavior that could indicate a hack attempt.

We provide a number of anomaly forecasting algorithms within the workspace so you can determine the best one for your specific use case. To use, simply select Anomaly Detection as your machine learning option and create a new workspace. Follow the configuration steps and test out different algorithms for accuracy. The precision of the model increases over time as more data is made available.

The anomaly detection visualization itself consists of a configurable blue band range of expected values (acceptable threshold limit) along with the actual metric data points. Any values outside of the blue band range are considered anomalies and will appear in red.

Sparkly New Data Visualizations

Data Grid

You may think data grids are boring but then you haven't tried our new data grid visualization. You can do a ton with this new grid type, including formatting, conditional highlighting, sorting, grouping, and search along with the ability to download formatted grid information in Excel format.

The other pretty cool thing you can do is add charts to cells. The embedded chart options are sparkline, area, bar, spline, spline area, and pie. Not so boring anymore, right?

Knowi Data Grid with Sparkle line

Image Overlay Heatmap

You can now upload an image and overlay x, y coordinate values. Example use cases are tracking how a stadium is filling up as people are scanned at the entry gates or showing the location of IoT sensors deployed on each floor of a building.

Knowi image overlay data visualization

It's Your Dashboard - Customize It!

We enhanced the level of customization of the look and feel of your dashboards by adding several new configurable options.

Getting Clicky With It

Tightly integrating Knowi visualizations within your applications is an important step to give users a seamless experience. To further that integration, we've added an OnClick Event Handler which is available for various visualizations. You can use it to customize what action to take when a data point is clicked on the visualization.

Other Cool Stuff
Connected Charts
Added a drill down feature to allow the current dashboard to be filtered with settings based on the clicked points.

Hidden Filters
Admin or dashboard owners can now hide certain filters from end users.

REST-API Enhancements
Added epoch secs support for REST API datasource url parameters, which allows you to pass in date in epoch time formats, dynamically.

Added a way to handle the return of multiple JSON objects within the same file

Cloud9QL Enhancements
We've added an ARRAY function that creates an array with a specified grouping to return an array for the field.  We've also added  UPPER and LOWER functions to change the case of string fields.


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