Monday, May 7, 2018

Knowi Product Update Q1 2018


To see these exciting new capabilities in action, please join Lorraine Williams, Head of Success at Knowi, for a web demo on Wednesday, May 16th at 10:30 AM PT.

Below are the highlights of our product updates for this quarter.  Enjoy!

Knowi Product Update Q1 2018

Ready. Set. Data Prep.

We now offer a full data preparation suite that helps guide you through the steps necessary to ensure that your data is machine learning ready.

After selecting the training dataset and your prediction variable, the system will provide statistical distribution information on the metrics along with a data an easy to use wizard that will guide you through a series of steps to prepare your data for analysis.

These steps include verifying/amending the data types, identifying and dealing with outliers and missing values, rescaling of attributes using either normalization or standardization techniques, the creation of discrete groupings of your data and finally the creation of dummy variables. The ability to then manually select or have the system select model features is then available.

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Join Our Community

We have revamped the Knowi documentation site to include a Community portal that will allow you to post and answer questions on how to do something, common getting started questions and even the occasional undocumented "feature". We're excited to enable you guys with a channel to share your ideas, provide expertise, and to give us feedback on features and wishlist items. 

Please join the Community by going to our docs page and creating a post or leaving a comment.

The 'What's New' section contains our product release notes and the 'Knowledge Base' section contains the product documentation.

Lovin' Query Management

Query Revert

The system now has the ability to revert to a prior version of a query from the Query History page. When reverted, the existing query will be overwritten with the selected version. 

Knowi - Show Query History

Query Cancel

The system now supports the ability to cancel a running query. The behavior of this action depends upon datasource type and may not result in the ability to actually kill the query on the database itself. However, the thread that is executing the query will be interrupted, thereby allowing it to disconnect and return. A new run of the same query can then be executed.

Knowi - Query Cancel

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

We've added a new Pivot table visualization. This supports easy pivoting of data without the need for the Cloud9QL transpose function of the regular Data Grid. Simply drag the available fields into the following areas to slice and dice the data accordingly: 
  • Columns 
  • Rows 
  • Values 
  • Filters 
Knowi - Pivot Table Visualization

Other Cool Stuff

Widget Sharing

Prior to this release, widgets by themselves could not be shared, unless they were part of a shared dashboard. This has changed and widgets now have the ability to be shared with both users and groups in isolation and in either View or Edit mode.

Login As (For Admin Users)

Admin user can now log in as another user on their team. Once logged in, they are able to perform any action that the accessed account has access to. When logged in as another user, the system will display the accessed account username at the top of the screen.

API Pagination

Modified the API pagination function to be able to also supporting a next page URL parameter. This enhances the current method of using a page token such as a page number of specific flag

Data Explorer

We have added the ability to expand/collapse the sample fields from within the Data Explorer at all nested levels