Thursday, November 2, 2017

Real World Healthcare Analytics Dashboard Examples

It can be hard to find real-world examples of how organizations are using analytics and dashboards in to manage specific aspects of their business.  Recently, our partner Sagence went through the dashboards they built for Shirley Ryan AbilityLabs for denials management and data quality monitoring.

Denials Management

Using visualizations claims managers at Shirley Ryan AbilityLabs can point to patterns of denials and work with payers to uncover the root cause.  They can also use these identified patterns of denial to predict higher risk claims and start working with payers early in the processes to avoid final review denials.  

Healthcare analytics dashboard for denials management
Denials Management Dashboard
Note: Not Reflective of Actual Numbers
When claims managers can have all the information about denials at their fingertips, it shifts the conversation with payers from anecdotal to fact-based.  In this 10-min video, you can see the different dashboards and how each is used by claims managers to reduce denials.

Data Quality Monitoring

The challenge of monitoring data quality across multiple departments and different systems is significant but critical for analytics.  Shirley Ryan AbilityLab wanted to take an innovative approach to data quality monitoring by building a single dashboard for analysts to monitor data quality across the network.  

Healthcare analytics dashboard for data quality monitoring
Data Quality Monitoring Dashboard
Note: Not Reflective of Actual Numbers
With data quality threshold alerts and drill-downs, an analyst can identify where data quality issues are increasing and work with departments to adjust processes or conduct additional training. In this 10-min video, see the full dashboard and hear an explanation of how each visualization is working to help improve data quality.

You can download the Sagence and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab customer story, here.  It details the full solution architecture and additional use cases.


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