Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Knowi Product Update Q3 2017

Know Product Update Q3 2017

You can see the exciting new capabilities described below in action. Lorraine Williams, Head of Success at Knowi, demonstrated them recently and we recorded it. To watch the replay, click the button below

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Expanded Machine Learning Capabilities 

For supervised learning, you now can select algorithms for either classification or regression model, meaning you can now predict continuous values (i.e., housing prices in Boston) or predict categories or classes (i.e., likelihood of a person to default on credit card payment).

Stats, Stats Everywhere
The system now allows you to view the statistical metadata about your datasets such as the total number of rows and columns, max. and min. values, mean and standard deviation. The dataset overview can be viewed by selecting the bar chart icon on the Analyze Grid. For more detailed analysis, pairwise scatterplots of the interaction of each data variable with its peer are also available from the overview.
Knowi Data Statistics

Filter Like You Mean It

Generating filter values based upon a separate query 
The system now supports filtering based on the results of another query. This dynamic filtering capability is achieved by first creating a query that returns possible filter values and then selecting the database icon next to add/remove filter buttons. Clicking this option will set the auto-suggestions based upon the secondary query results.

Knowi filter values

Setting the Filter Audience
The system now offers the options when setting filters at both the Dashboard and the Widget level. You can set a personal filter that is only seen by you.  Admins and Dashboard owners can set a global filter which acts as a default filter for all users and admins can reset filters which resets any personal filters back to the global default set by the Admin or Owner

Multi-value user filter support
An admin can now add to a user's profile user specific filter parameters to be passed into queries upon user login

Being RESTful

Added the ability to add paging to a REST-API datasource.  The system will automatically loop through multiple pages to collect data when some tokens are defined.

The system now supports the concept of a Loop JOIN. This type of join allows you execute and retrieve the results for the first part of the join and for each row (from the resulting set) extract the template value, update the second query in the join, execute it then combine the result with the current row.

Other Cool Stuff

Adding Steps to the Ad-hoc Grid
After creating your query and previewing the data returned in the ad-hoc grid, the ability now exists to add multiple steps to the same data query workflow.

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Grid Formatting  A new feature has been added that allows for alignment of data in the Data Grid widget type. The data grid also supports conditional formatting of colors based upon content value. Any formatting made to the data in the grid will be passed through into any subsequent PDF exports.

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Automated Dashboard Sharing There may be cases when any asset that the user creates needs be automatically shared to other groups. In such cases, you can apply an 'Automatic Share to Group' setting that will automatically publish any assets created by the user to those groups that can be used by other users.

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 New Datasources Knowi has added native integration with Snowflake, a cloud-based SQL data warehouse.

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New Visualizations Threshold
This visualization allows for the simple tracking of your key metrics. A user can:
  • Select the metric to monitor
  • Enter a threshold value
  • Choose the display color for when the metric is <= the threshold
  • Choose the display color for when the metric is > the threshold
Data Summary
Display the data in summary form. (Ex. Total messages delivered, opened, etc.)


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