Thursday, June 1, 2017

Knowi Product Update - Machine Learning; Enterprise Management API; New Name!

Since our Q1 Update, a few things have changed, namely our name!  You've probably already noticed that back in late April, we became Knowi.  We've been planning a name change for a while and with the latest set of product releases, the timing seemed right to make the change from Cloud9 Charts to Knowi.  We hope you like it.

Name changes aside, we are excited to tell you about a number of new features we added this past quarter.  We've been hard at work adding:

AI + BI for Modern Data

We're pretty proud to be the first in the market to combine all the power of our Business Intelligence platform for unstructured and structured data with integrated Artificial Intelligence. With AI + BI, you can blend hindsight and foresight to drive actions from your data for any number of use cases. Not only that, it also enables you to offer value added machine learning capabilities to your customers, for embedded use cases. We've integrated powerful machine learning capabilities into the platform including:
  • Built-in algorithms (you can also upload your own proprietary algorithms)
  • Evaluation statistics, like accuracy and precision, to help you determine best algorithm
  • Model training using historic data or upload a training dataset
  • Save the trained model and add it to any relevant query with a couple of clicks
  • Configure actions to be taken based on query results, including triggering a downstream application or sending a notification

This powerful new feature is currently in beta and we will be adding other algorithms to it over the next few weeks. Sign on or Sign up to try it out. To get more details, read our machine learning documentation.

Management API

We've developed a public Management API to help our enterprise customers manage various aspects of the Knowi platform. The API is RESTful allowing external services and apps to manage users and groups, datasources, queries, dashboards and widgets programmatically.

To get the details, read our API documentation which also includes code examples.

Fine-Grained User-Level Filters and Enterprise Access Controls

The combination of content filters, both at a user level and shared URL level, and query parameters allow admin users to limit user access to a subset of available data on the same dashboard or widget. Filters can be applied in one of two ways:
  • Filters are passed through as query parameters, at runtime, for direct queries
  • Filters are applied on top of the data returned by a query
Read more details about User Filters in our documentation.

Knowi admins now have more granular control to automate the permissions for sharing data assets (dashboards, queries, datasources, agents). By default, assets are private to the user, unless shared to other users or groups. Now, admins can configure assets so they are automatically shared within a group. Furthermore, each asset can be configured for granular read or edit access at a group or an individual user level.

For details on new access controls, please reference our permissions documentation.

Searchable Knowledge Base and Introducing Lorraine Williams, Head of Success

We are excited to introduce Lorraine to you. Lorraine heads up product management and customer success. We've known Lorraine for a while as a customer, and she comes to us with many years of product and engineering management experience. She's also really good at math having just completed her MS in Analytics.

Going forward, she will ensure our customers get the most out of the Knowi platform from day one. She also will work closely with the Engineering team to ensure we continue to deliver functionality important to our customers and our long-term product vision.

Our customers will see some immediate changes in the way we communicate product updates, including the posting of weekly release notices in our new searchable Knowi Knowledge Base. Yay, Lorraine!


We've added Waterfall Charts, Box-Plot Diagrams and the ability to embed an external Webpage as a widget in your dashboard. You can also now customize the CSS of dashboards for custom branding
To help manage large numbers of widgets and dashboards, we've added the ability to categorize or "tag" widgets and dashboards so you can group related items together. When saving a new widget or dashboard, you can create a new category (names will be auto-suggested) or select an existing category from a list.
To make it even easier for you to understand, discover, and explore your multi-structured and unstructured data sources, Data Explorer performs a "schema on read" to sample your data and glean from it relationships and any possible structure. You can drilldown into nested data and drag and drop fields into query parameters.

Data Explorer is available from the Query Builder page and automatically appears on the left side as soon as you select a datasource.
For PDF reporting, we've enhanced the layout so if a large table/grid is part of the dashboard the full table will be render in the PDF. We've also added headers and footers to make multi-page reports easier to read.
We've added support for PRESTO. Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes ranging from gigabytes to petabytes.
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