Wednesday, April 19, 2017

We've Got Some Exciting News: New Machine Learning Capabilities and a New Name!

We have a couple of exciting updates.

First, our latest release brings all of the power of our Business Intelligence platform and integrates Artificial Intelligence. With this release, you can blend hindsight and foresight to drive actions from your data. Not only that, it also enables you to offer value added machine learning capabilities to your customers, for embedded use cases.

Second, we are rebranding Cloud9 Charts to Knowi. With the latest product updates, it was the right time to pull the trigger on the name update that we’ve been simmering on for some time.

In a short period, we’ve built a leadership position in NoSQL/Polyglot analytics, with customers range from Fortune 500 to startups. Now we are aiming even higher.  With Knowi at the top of your modern data stack, you can blend SQL and NoSQL data and integrate machine learning to deliver smarter data applications.

If you’d like us to go over the Machine Learning capabilities, please contact us. It’s included as part of your service during the beta period for the next four months.

Thank you from all of us for being part of our journey thus far...we look forward to many more years to come.

Onwards & Upwards!

Jay Gopalakrishnan
Founder and CEO, Knowi