Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Embed Options - JavaScript API

In this data-driven age, analytics is fast becoming a must-have for every application. This often boils down to a build vs. buy decision: while building it can provide fine grained control of the stack, it requires large scale engineering and maintenance efforts around data plumbing, warehousing and visualizations, not to mention a long time to market.

We've always strived to make this a no-brainer decision. To make it even easier, we've launched a series of of new options to securely embed dashboards. 

New JavaScript API 

Integrate dashboards within your application in few lines of JavaScript. 

It's as easy as:

  Cloud9Charts.render('#cloud9charts', {
      type: 'share',
      dashboard: 'QFf5YbPG03gXQpHis8gWaddtii2UfuCOANRwXQBZY3wroie',
      view: {
        title: true
      onload: function() {

See it in action:  https://jsfiddle.net/gopalaj/czv9oxj3/3/.

Further documentation outlining various options can be found here

Multiple Embed Options

There are now multiple embed options to choose from, based on the security model requirements for your application. 

Secure embedding: Securely encrypt parameters from your application into a Cloud9 Charts embedded dashboard.

Simple embed: Simply generate a link for any dashboard and embed it.

Single Sign-On: REST API based Single Sign-On scheme with full permissions model. 

See our documentation for more details.  

Simple live embedded dashboard: