Monday, February 29, 2016

New Visualizations - Word Clouds & Gauges

New visualizations types are available for use which now brings our portfolio of visualization options to 23 (and growing). For more details on each, please see our documentation.

Word Cloud
Word clouds are useful to indicate the prominence of words in a dataset, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance.

Useful for measuring progress towards a goal lines or realtime monitoring of metrics.


Monday, February 15, 2016

MarkLogic Business Intelligence - Cloud9 Charts Video

Traditionally, Reporting & BI on MarkLogic implies shoehorning multi-structured data into a relational form using ETL or using ODBC. The drawbacks to this approach are numerous, including significant engineering resources to extract, transform and applying the data into a relational database with schema constraints and performance limitations. Not to mention a long, arduous road to insights that becomes quickly redundant on changing data structures.

With our native integration into MarkLogic, we enable seamless insights quickly without ETL or ODBC, thus enabling enterprises to go from their multi-structured data to immediate insights from their MarkLogic like never before.

The following video showcases our approach and how it works with MarkLogic. 


Video Summary:
  • Brief Overview
  • Connecting to MarkLogic
  • Data Discovery
  • XQuery Generation
  • Multi-structured drag & drop data analysis
  • Dashboards & visualizations
  • Drilldowns
Additional Resources:
   MarkLogic Integration Docs:
   MarkLogic Instant Reporting (against a live DB):

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Introducing Ad-hoc Analysis for Multi-structured data

A radically better way to analyze multi-structured data is here. With a visual drag & drop interface, you can hone in on the insights you care about in a few clicks across your NoSQL, SQL and other sources.

Drag & Drop interfaceInteract with your data using a drag & drop interface to easily get to the insights from your data.

Nested Objects and ArraysDrill into nested objects and arrays visually, then extract and perform analysis on it easily.

VisualizationsVisualize your analysis to create visualizations & dashboards easily. 

Derived Fields: Add calculations, functions, predictions, cohorts on your datasets easily.  

Learn more here