Saturday, December 5, 2015

MarkLogic XQuery Generator

Due to popular demand from our MarkLogic users, we are pleased to unveil XQuery generation capabilities. This allows MarkLogic users to interactively discover and auto-generate XQuery using a point and click interface and build interactive, embeddable visualizations and dashboards.

  • Unlock insights from multi-structured MarkLogic data instantly
  • Discover collections
  • Auto-generate XQuery using a point and click interface
  • Native integration (withour ODBC) that maintains the multi-structured view of the data 
  • Eliminates complex ETL processing and shoehorning the data into relational form for BI
  • Instant visualizations, dashboards and share/embed easily
See for yourself at This is pre-configured with a live MarkLogic database that you can interact and build dynamic queries from the data.

Additional documentation: