Thursday, September 24, 2015

Introducing Spark Support - Knowi

Native Analytics on Apache Spark

Today, we are excited to announce immediate availability of Knowi native support for Apache Spark SQL giving businesses using Spark to get real time analytics for both on-premises and the cloud.

Apache Spark, the fast engine for processing big data projects, allows businesses to connect to as simply and fast as possible, and across the widest variety of data sources. Now with Spark, Cloud9 Charts provides the power and immediate value demanded by today’s businesses with a native approach to business intelligence sources on SQL and NoSQL sources, making it one of the simplest ways to add SQL, NoSQL, and a blend of source data in one system. 

Benefits of the new offering include:
  • Instant Visualizations: Generate shareable, embeddable dashboards. 
  • Access data from Spark RDD directly. Eliminate complex ETL processes into relational databases for BI purposes. 
  • Native integration with SparkSQL.
  • Data Discovery: Discover tables and fields. 
  • Query Generation: Automatically generate and explore Spark SQL queries and aggregations.
  • Joins: Blend and join data from data in Spark as well as other NoSQL and SQL datastores.
  • Advanced cloud or on-premise analytics include data aggregations, calculations, date bucketing, predictive analytics and more. 

See it in action at booth #117 at the Cassandra Summit. Alternatively, visit to analyze a live dataset, generate Spark SQL and visualize the data.