Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Announcing the Launch of NoSQL Analytics Platform

Today Cloud9 Charts announced the launch of its visual analytics platform for NoSQL databases. The press release details how Cloud9 Charts enables native support for querying and visualizing data from NoSQL databases directly without migration or ETL, with insights displayed in easy-to-understand, customizable and embeddable dashboards in minutes.

Founder of Cloud9 Charts Jay Gopalakrishnan notes: "Analytics from these [NoSQL] databases presents a unique set of challenges, one that often results in the ETL of data into a relational database for BI purposes. Our solution enables users to plug in native queries into the underlying source and complement it with a SQL layer on top to visualize and track the data in minutes." 

Features of the analytics for NoSQL databases:

Data Discovery/Analysis
Run native queries against NoSQL databases and complement it with a standardized SQL layer to analyze data, without requiring any ETL into relational databases.
Create dashboards with charts, grids, geo heat-maps and other widgets instantly, with various share, embed and reporting capabilities.
Track metrics with customizable data warehousing options.
Data Plumbing
Run queries across multiple databases to combine and aggregate them, merge data multiple database types and reduce BI loads on databases with incremental data extraction.

Direct cloud-based connectivity with nothing to install or an agent-based approach to securely connect inside the firewall.

Instant Reporting
Custom reporting is available online for MongoDB, Cloudant, Cassandra/DataStax, HBase, S3 Files, Relational databases, Data Warehouses, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and others.

Sample Cloud9 Charts Dashboard Displaying Multiple Analytics Sets
About Cloud9 Charts
Cloud9 Charts is a reporting-as-a-service that simplifies data wrangling, analysis, and visualizations from Big Data stores. Founded in 2012 to address the growing demands of generating actionable insights from the shifting data storage trends, the company enables Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups to visualize, analyze and track their business and operational metrics across a variety of data sources, enabling informed business decisions to be made easily. Cloud9 Charts is based in downtown Oakland, California. www.cloud9charts.com