Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Data, Simplified.

We are glad to finally say hello. We’ve spent most of 2013 in heads down in private beta with awesome customers like Responsys, Net2TV, Mowingo, Factory and others. As we exit our beta phase, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

Cloud9 Charts is a Reporting-as-a-Service for any data anywhere. Unlike many bloatware BI tools that takes months to implement and costs an arm and a leg only to find out that it delivers little value, our mission is to transform how companies make data driven decisions by fundamentally altering how companies extract, visualize and analyze data from any source.

With the explosion of data growth along with new NoSQL data storage schemes, reporting on that data can often be painstaking. In many companies, this involves laborious manual querying along with Excel jiggery-pokery, which is also an impediment to instilling a data driven culture - teams/companies often fly blind without key metrics at their fingertips because it’s painful to compile those metrics each and every time. 

With Cloud9 Charts, we are able to provide dashboards of every set of metrics that you cared about right at your fingertips, that is updated automatically, regardless of how big, complicated or disparate your underlying data is. We aim to do this simply, affordably, and uniquely different to any solutions that exist in the marketplace today.

We welcome and appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have for us. Also join us on our newly minted Facebook and Twitter pages! We’ll make sure to say hello and welcome you into the Cloud9 Charts community. You can also drop us a line here.

We have several exciting things in the works - stay tuned!