Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Native BI on MongoDB Atlas - Cloud9 Charts


Last week, MongoDB launched Atlas, it's Database-as-a-Service offering for deploying an managing MongoDB clusters. Read about our first impressions of Atlas here.  

Cloud9 Charts is pleased to announce native BI support for Atlas, bringing powerful native visualization and analysis capabilities on MongoDB Atlas. It is NoSQL analytics the way it should be: no ODBC connectors, no desktop tools to install and no shoehorning data into a relational form. Simply connect, plugin MongoDB queries to get immediate visualizations and advanced analysis capabilities on MongoDB data. 

Following is an example of visualizations from a MongoDB database hosted on Atlas. The underlying Mongo collection contains restaurants near the New York City Area. The dashboard contains a chart of restaurants by Borough and Cuisine, with a geo cluster drilldown. 

See the live dashboard.

Read our step-by-step walkthrough for putting this together in 10 minutes. 


With usage spanning across F500 companies to startups, Cloud9 Charts has quickly 
emerged as the leader in the NoSQL and polyglot analytics space, providing native NoSQL analytics on all major NoSQL databases, along with traditional SQL data stores, files and REST APIs. 

Key highlights:
  • Native MongoDB with in-database query processing. Includes native support for nested objects and arrays.
  • Nothing to install: cloud based by solution by default, with available on-premise deployment modes.    
  • MongoDB query generator using a point and click interface.
  • Comprehensive array of visualizations of nearly 30 visualization types to build shareable, embeddable dashboards.
  • Built for Polyglot architectures, with native support for all major NoSQL databases, as well as SQL databases, files and REST API's. 
  • Support for Advanced analytics use cases: multi-datasource joins between MongoDB and other sources, advanced post processing of data from MongoDB, optional Elastic Store to track query results, out-of-the box prediction models and much more. 
Explore the hands-on tutorial to build your first dashboards from Atlas.